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The Player

The Player is the main protagonist of the indie-horror game Poppy Playtime. They have appeared in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze, and will most likely appear in Chapter 2.


The Player's physical appearance is not seen ingame, and any surfaces that could reflect the Player's appearance are shown as shadows. The Player has not talked and the only known information about them is that they were formerly an employee for Playtime Co., but either left their job, replaced by another employee, or were fired. However, unlike a normal human, the player can fall from heights in the game for many times without dying, only having their vision turn blurry for a few seconds. When their GrabPack is pulling a heavy object, the Player can still move around with ease. During the vent chase, the Player is shown to be agile in their movements, being able to turn around corners, enter lower parts of the vents and even run quickly, while still holding the GrabPack.


If you happen to get The Player to die to anything (as of right now, Huggy and fall damage can kill you), they will get a random quote telling them to get up, following a white screen fading in, then you teleporting back to where you were before you died. The death quotes are random, and some relating to the lore. Here are all the death quotes:

Death Quotes

  • "ɔ̃ɛ̃X́ŋG̀ ɛ̃ᴜãŋ ǝ̀ããà ᴜãʌ̀ɚ̀. Get Up" (Presumed to be "Stay. They need Help)
  • "Don't die just yet. Get up"
  • "Exp. 1006, Isn't he wonderful?"
  • "More lives are at risk then just yours. Get up"
  • "It's not your time, Get up"
  • "Death isn't permanent. Get up"
  • "It's too early to die. Get up"
  • "I need you alive. Get up"
  • "Don't let them inside. Get up"

A theory has been going around that these quotes are from the employee's, and they are trying to tell us to get up to save them.


  • In the vent chase, when Huggy Wuggy gets too close, the GrabPack shakes, as if the Player is shaking in fear.
  • The player currently doesn't have a model, although this may change in the future.


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