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This article is about the character. You may have been looking for the game of the same name.

“The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout... Down came the rain, and washed the spider out... Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain... The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again...”
Poppy Playtime in Chapter 2 Trailer

Poppy Playtime is the titular character of the game with the same name. Her role has yet to be revealed, as she only appeared right before Chapter 1's ending.


Poppy Playtime is the oldest known toy creation by Playtime Co., as evident in the year listed at the back of her poster. Poppy was created with the ability to converse with a child, a revolutionary technology of her era. As such, Poppy has gained mass attention and became popular. However as dolls go out of trend, she is replaced with other toys which surpass her popularity, most notably being Huggy Wuggy, as he is the most popular toy created by Playtime Co.


Poppy is a very pale, freckly, red curly-headed girl which is tied into ponytails using a pair of blue ribbons. Light can be seen reflected on her face, suggesting that she is made out of a type of porcelain. She wears a flouncy, large blue and frilly dress adorned with many bows and frills. Her face is decorated with bright red lipstick and strong red powder is applied to her cheeks. She has a pair of uncanny-realistic-looking blue eyes.


Not much is known about Poppy's personality. However, based on her appearance in her commercial, Poppy is seen to be a social and outgoing individual, and is also very attentive to her appearance, wanting to always look her best.


To create a toy that can behave and interact the way that humans do, such as talking and conversing, Poppy was created by Playtime Co and was introduced inside the Vintage Poppy Commercial. The VHS tape simply introduces her, as a toy, with her final words being "I'm a real girl... just like you.".

At the end of the chapter, Poppy is seen contained within a glass case. Once the player open that case, she awoke from her encloser and said "You opened my case.." to the player. It is unsure who or what put her inside the case and why she was in the case. It is unknown what her role would be in future chapters.

Poppy Playtime Maintenance

The Poppy Playtime Maintenance tape is a tape that is not intended to be seen by the public eye, it is only accessible through the Poppy Playtime steam page and the official MOBGames YouTube channel. For a tape that simply demonstrates to the viewer how to take care of one's Poppy Playtime toy, it contains more secrets than one would expect.

As the VHS tape plays, it grew increasingly bizarre. The footage skipped the 3rd and 4th steps, and then the viewer gets a shot at Poppy Playtime laying down. The screen then cuts to a claw-shaped device pulling out Poppy's voice box, worth noting is the blood-soaked voice box that is pulled out. This further supports that like Huggy Wuggy and other toy experiments, Poppy Playtime is an organic being.


  • The Poppy Playtime doll seen in the case is the original prototype of its toy type.
  • Both Stella Greybur and Poppy Playtime share the same voice actress
    • Whether or not this is intentional as per the developer's decision, or simply due to shortage of voice providers, it is still worth noting.


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