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This article refers to the main setting of the game, which is the Playtime Co. factory. There is a possibility it will be protected, unless there is more information to come.

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Reason: This is literally the main setting for the game.

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This article includes fan-made theories that are not part of the official game, and have not been confirmed!

What's the time? Playtime!
Playtime Co.'s slogan

Playtime Co. is a toy-making company, featured in the indie-horror game Poppy Playtime. It is the main location where the game takes place. It was likely established in the 1950s.


Playtime Co. is a company specialising in the creation of toys for the entertainment of children, and has become the most famous and well-known company of it's time.


Despite the competition within the field of toy creation around their time, Playtime Co. has emerged to become the most successful toy factory of their era, due to their creator's innovative ideas and creativity.

Despite Playtime Co' charitable and noble causes in the eyes of the public, they mistreat and care little for the welfare of their employees, even after pleading to their superiors, the workers had yet to receive proper assistance from the higher-ups. One such example being Leith Pierre' mistreatment to one of his subordinates, Sharron, whom he referred to as an idiot and fired. Due to this, he was not well liked by his peers, and many attempted to scare him out of spite (evident by the poster featuring Kissy Missy).


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Out of all the toys ever created by Playtime Co., Huggy Wuggy was the most popular and memorable toy.

During an unknown time, Playtime Co. opened factory tour guides for $2.99 per visitor, although it is speculated around the time Poppy gained popularity as both her commercial tape and the tour guide' commercial tape are put into one video.

Foster & Adoptive Care Initiative

The Playtime Co. Foster and Adoptive Care Initiative strives to create permanency in lives of orphan children by recruiting adoptive and foster parents within our own organization. We encourage all Playtime Co. employees to take part of our mission by fostering or adopting an orphan child. (Participating employees may be eligible for additional benefits.) This initiative helps children not only in the Midwest region, but also orphans all around the world. Every child deserves a chance at a new life.
Playtime Co. in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze (Poster)


The Playtime Co. Foster and Adoptive Care Initiative is a initiative that Playtime Co. seems to be supporting. The initiative is based around helping orphan kids have a 'chance at a new life.' They encourage all Playtime Co. employees and customers to adopt a orphan. It is presumed that they are just doing this to make them have a good name in the public.


  • There is no known date where Playtime Co. closed, but we do know it has been abandoned for years, more specifically about 10 years.
  • It is interesting that almost all of Playtime Co.'s main toy mascots have some human-like abilities or personalities.
  • Playtime Co. was apparently very successful, but likely closed down due to the murders caused by all the "experiments" (mascots).
  • The font of the Playtime Co. logo is the Ubuntu-Title font.


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