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Huggy Wuggy

His name is Huggy!

Huggy Wuggy, When he hugs you he'll never stop! Your friend Huggy! Huggy Wuggy, He'll squeeze you until you pop!

Huggy Wuggy Theme in Poppy Playtime


One of the main mascots of PlayTime Co., the toys based off of Huggy Wuggy were best sellers and found a place in the hearts of many children across the globe due to the fact that he was programmed to hug people. However, due to an experimentation on the toys at Playtime Co., a Huggy Wuggy seems to have come to life and gone rogue, killing everyone that crosses its path.


Huggy Wuggy is a tall, slender creature covered in thick, bright blue fur. His arms and legs are several feet in length, and end in large yellow hands and feet. The hands have large Velcro straps on them, and the feet possess four digits including thumbs, though they are fused together and are unable to move individually (with the exception of the thumbs). His torso is stout and somewhat disproportionately small in comparison to his long limbs. His head is large and contains two large black, dilated eyes. While this is supposed to be a feature seen as endearing and cute, it later adds to the deranged appearance of Huggy Wuggy when he comes to life and attempts to kill the player. On his head are oversized, bright red, cartoonish lips. Behind these lips is a maw of dozens of jagged needle-like teeth. Closer observation of Huggy's mouth shows a secondary set of jaws located by his throat, akin to a Moray Eel.

While walking, Huggy has a stiff, yet rather lithe and oddly organic-looking gait. He is capable of breaking into incredible bursts of speed, using his long arms and legs to propel himself forward. While crawling through the vents after the player, Huggy is able to bend and contort his body to fit into tight spaces. Before the player drops the crate onto Huggy on the catwalk, he can be seen sprinting towards the player on all fours, much like an ape.


Huggy Wuggy is based off of his smaller toy counterparts. Through unknown processes, Huggy grew to become a murderous monster, slaughtering anyone he encounters. While chasing after the player, Huggy constantly wears a deranged toothy smile, suggesting that he enjoys hunting his victims or more simply that his anatomy prevents him from not smiling. During the vent chase, Huggy is able to cut off and keep up with the player by navigating through the ventilation system.


During 1984, In an effort to create the perfect living toy, Playtime Co. conducted numerous unethical and highly illegal experiments, one such example being Huggy Wuggy. Despite being created for the purpose of becoming a child-friendly mascot and being a prototype, Huggy went rampant. During his muderous rampage, Huggy killed presumably all of the scientists and workers of the facility he was kept in. Huggy would go on to remain in the abandoned facility for decades until the eventual return of The Player.

Chapter 1

Huggy is first seen standing in his statue form by the player in an exhibition hall. When the player's back is turned, Huggy will pull out a key but remain motionless. After taking the key and turning the power back on in another room, the player returns to the exhibition hall only to find that Huggy has now disappeared.

Huggy goes on to stalk the player as they make their way through the facility. After the player manages to turn back on the toy-making machines and bypasses a door system using a toy made from the machines, Huggy reveals himself. Following the player into the facility's ventilation system, an intense chase ensues as Huggy attempts to catch and devour the player. After managing to momentarily escape Huggy and landing on a brittle catwalk, the player pulls a crate onto the crumbling structure just as Huggy bursts from the vents, causing it to collapse. Though the player manages to land safely on another catwalk not far below, Huggy strikes the railing and proceeds to fall into the abyss on the facility, slamming into several pipelines and leaving behind dark red blood splatters.

Unknown VHS tape, connection to 1-0-0-6

A unknown scientist from Playtime.CO recorded a VHS tape talking about an experiment that playtime co had created he refers it as Experiment 1-0-0-6 . This may mean that there are 5 other experiments (Cat Bee, Kissy Missy, Candy Cat, Boogie Bot, and Bron). Playtime Co. had performed unethical and illegal experiments to create the perfect living toy, one such example being Experiment 1-0-0-6, the prototype of their experiments. Despite being created for the purpose of becoming child-friendly mascots, said creature managed to go rampant, injuring and killing many personnels of the facility they are kept in.

In the tape, the player may be able to hear many screams in the background hinting that a massacre took place during the recording of the log. We can also hear screeching sounds similar to Huggy Wuggy's jumpscare screech, when killed by Huggy on rare occasions we see the following random text: "Experiment 1-0-0-6 , isn't he wonderful?" this strongly suggests Experiment 1-0-0-6 is Huggy himself as the scientists refer to him as Experiment 1-0-0-6 and the screeching noise of huggy's jumpscare and screams in the background.

An unnamed VHS tape from a scientist told of how coordination and cooperation is present within Experiment 1-0-0-6 , meaning that the creature is intelligent and has basic motoring skills. Such feature is present within Huggy, as demonstrated when he passively lured the Player into Poppy's domain, only giving chase once the player is near the intended destination.

A transcript log reveals the presence of a digestive system within Experiment 1-0-0-6, despite showing no nessecity for substenance. This confirmed that Experiment 1-0-0-6 has an anatomy system. Huggy seems to possess such feature as well, as when he fell and hit the pipes of the factory, he leaves behind splatters of blood.

The transcript reads as follow :

"Experiment 1006: "The Prototype" he seems serviceable as the prime example for the type of vessel which we are trying to create.Despite his digestive tract being wired properly the prototype finds no necessity for sustenance ( unlike the others ). All the other experiments can only survive while subsisting on much larger portions. This implies all of them are organic and huggy kills for fun"

Abilities and Anatomy

Huggy has demonstrated to be a very agile creature, quickly making his way around the ventilation system, giving chase to the player. He is also shown to be humongous in height, giving him a size advantage over an average human being.

In-game Description

"Playtime Co. has created hundreds of distinct toys, but none connected to people more than that of Huggy Wuggy. Our founder, Elliot Ludwig, aimed to create a toy which could hug you forever! As is always true, Playtime Co.'s '4-Step process to creating the most lifelike toys,' was a success!"

"With a bit of string and polyester, our lovable, blue pal Huggy was brought to life! Huggy Wuggy has gone on to be Playtime Co.'s most popular and best-selling toy so far!"

Introductory board explaining his origins.png


  • When viewing Huggy before he becomes hostile, the fur on his body can be seen moving, especially around the chest area.
  • In a trailer headshot close-up of Huggy, it seems that behind his plastic "eyes" lie big shot, human-like eyes.
    • However, this has been proven false, as it turns out the eyes assumed to have been viewed is a reflection of the floor. Inside the Poppy Playtime Maintenance is most presumably Poppy's eyes (Or, as another theory suggests, Stella’s eyes)
    • His lips and teeth move around when Huggy Wuggy attacks the player.


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