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Chapter 2 is the upcoming second chapter in the indie-horror game Poppy Playtime. It is is estimated to be released in early 2022, specifically in February or March, on Steam.

The plot of the chapter is currently unknown, but will most likely continue from the point where The Player releases Poppy from her case at the end of Chapter 1.


  • It is currently unknown whether Huggy Wuggy will reoccur as an antagonist or play any role in this chapter due to their circumstances within the previous chapter.
  • Poppy mentions her mother and how she does not like guests in the trailer, which could refer to her being the main antagonist of the story.
  • This is the second chapter to have a trailer and the first one to have a teaser trailer.
  • An interesting detail to note is that at the start of the Trailer, when looking down at the very start where The Playtime Area is, the door to the Theater is seen open. Due to the darkness, it's not confirmed, but considering it doesn't seem to have the knob in sight, it may be a hint to the fact that it is open and that the Theater is the next location The Player will go to in Chapter 2.
  • Cat-Bee is theorized to be the main antagonist in Chapter 2, because she is the only other toy in Chapter 1 appearing in more than a poster (aside from Poppy), and her toy mysteriously disappears after scanning it in the Make-A-Friend room.



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