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Reason: The plot of Chapter 1 is added here.

Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze is the first chapter in the indie-horror game Poppy Playtime. It was released on October 13, 2021, on Steam.

The story revolves around an ex-employee of the toy manufacturing company Playtime Co., that has been invited to return to the factory after the other employees have gone missing.


"As an ex-employee of Playtime Co., you finally return to the factory many years after everybody within disappeared."


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The letter The Player gets that convinces The Player to go to the factory.

The chapter begins when The Player receives an anonymous letter inviting them back to the factory to find the company's staff, with an image of a poppy, representing the location they must find. A Yellow VHS Tape is also included with the message.

After watching the VHS tape, the note is displayed and the player is loaded into the abandoned factory. After solving the code to unlock the door (green, pink, yellow, red, either in that order or in reverse order), they are able to access a storage room that holds a GrabPack and another VHS tape. Once The Player takes the GrabPack (which only has one arm for the moment), they use it to enter the main wing area, where they are greeted by a giant statue of Huggy Wuggy.

On the left of the figure is a door that is protected by the GrabPack sensor. However, upon placing the GrabPack on the sensor, the power will burn out, and The Player will need to collect a key and unlock the door to the power room. After reconnecting the wires using the GrabPack and turning the power back on, along with the lights, they will need to move to another room. At this stage, Huggy will have moved from his plaque to another area.

The Player is now able to enter the Warehouse, where they have to find 4 power cells to activate the crane and collect the GrabPack's second hand. Then, The Player will need to enter the conveyer belt that transfers toy parts to the Make-A-Friend machine, and fix the power to enable the conveyer belt to move. Once they arrive, they will need to turn on the power upstairs, and make their own Cat-Bee. The Player then places their toy in the scanning device to unlock the door, but instead of leaving, Huggy Wuggy will emerge and chase them around the room until they enter the ventilation system next to the Make-A-Friend machine, and will have to run away from Huggy Wuggy, who is following them, trying to hug them to death. Once The Player leaves the vent, the exit will be closed shut behind them, and they will have to pull down a box from above them that will break the bridge to stop Huggy Wuggy from reaching them.

Finally, The Player will then walk along the metal gratings until they pick up the black VHS tape and use it in its corresponding tape player on the right, first, or move to the door with the poppy painted around it, on the left. After entering the door, The Player will go down some stairs until they reach a door with red and black lights moving around, similar to those of a poppy flower, where Poppy Playtime is situated. After opening the door, the lights will flicker as Poppy's eyes open, and the chapter ends. .


  • The subtitle of the chapter, A Tight Squeeze, refers to Huggy Wuggy's name and killing method of hugging people to death, and the vent chase scene, where The Player must run away from Huggy Wuggy in tightly constricted vents.
  • On the letter to The Player, "disappeared" has been misspelt and "we're" has its apostrophe in the wrong place.
  • The letter also contradicts the chapter's synopsis, as the former states that the staff are still at the factory, but the latter states that they have all seemingly vanished.


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