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Candy Cat

Candy Cat always marches to the beat of her own drums. True to her 1970s release date, Candy Cat is a free-spirited icon and is a favorite amongst children who have been known to indulge in sweets.
Digital Collectible Profile


Candy Cat is a toy produced by Playtime Co.. She is most likely able to eat candies with her unnaturally long tongue. She is only featured on posters, unlike other mascots, in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime.


Candy Cat is a blue-ish cat with a long, exaggerated pink (sometimes red) tongue and two tear-like markings in deep blue on each side of her face. She has a white snout (along with a white triangular patch of fur above it), as well as white paws. She has a long blue tail and four stubby blue legs. There is an organically shaped splotch of dark blue on her back. Her cat-like stubby ears are the same deep blue as the splotch and facial markings.


As Candy Cat only appeared in posters, her personality is unknown though it can be implied she may possess a gluttonous nature based on her long tongue, such trait can be further supported, as many of her fans are children who likes to eat sweets. Her profile also noted her free-spirited nature, although this side has yet to be further proved.


Candy Cat was created in 1979 by Playtime Co. She was likely created with the intent of eating candy given to her. Her role in the game remains unknown.


  • Based of the Digital Collectible Campaign, Candy Cat is confirmed to be female.
  • "Candy Cat always marches to the beat of her own drums." (Originates from the NFT) is a reference to Bongo Cat.
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  1. Confirmed by the Digital Collectible Tape